First Bhutanese Women Soccer Tournament in the USA

First Bhutanese Woman Soccer Tournament

July 15, 2015; Akron, Ohio.
The first Bhutanese women soccer tournament is going to be held in Akron Ohio on July 18th, 2015 organized by the Peace Zone Sporting Club of Akron (PZSC) in support of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron (BCAA) and the Bhutanese American Sports Council (BASC). The organizers had circulated their invitations to interstates Bhutanese communities to participate in the ‘First Women Bhutanese Soccer Tournament’.

According to the organizers, the mission of organizing the women Soccer tournament is to enhance and encourage Bhutanese women’s participation in sports & sporting events and to promote women sportsmanship in the United States. Their invitation states that the tournament will provide lots of fun and networking opportunities and buildup sportsmanship for better future creating big platform in the field of games and sports to the Bhutanese women living in diaspora. First Bhutanese Woman Soccer Tournament

The Coordinator of the Peace Zone Sporting Club (PZSC), Kumar Ghalley said, “About a dozen of Bhutanese women soccer teams have approached to participate in the first Interstates Bhutanese women soccer Tournament, and seven of the interstates Bhutanese women soccer teams were able to get registered to enter into the tournament”.

On July 15, 2015; Wednesday, the organizing committee has published their ‘Fixture Out of the Tournament’. The Tournament is going to be held in the soccer field at 980 Lakeshore Blvd, Akron, OH 44311 from 9:00 am on July 18th 2015, and the final match will be at 5:00 pm on the same day on the same location.

The organizers have requested all the Bhutanese sports lovers and supporters to support their endeavor and make the First Woman Soccer Tournament a grand success in the history of Bhutanese-American sports. For more information about the tournament you can contact Tournament Coordinator Champha Subba at (330) 974-2295, or Coordinator of PZSC Kumar Ghalley at (330) 9060-3942, or President of BCAA, Bishnu Subba at (330) 217-2500, and/or Secretary of BASC Devi Subedi at (412) 908-2362.

Fixture of First Bhutanese Women Soccer Tournament 2015

Fixture of First Bhutanese Women Soccer Tournament 2015

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