Bhutanese Blood Drive remain Successful in Texas US

Bhutanese Blood Drive  05/23/2015 - BLYC

Bhutanese Blood Drive
05/23/2015 – BLYC

Fort Worth, TX; 23 May 2015.
Today, May 23, 2015; Saturday the ‘Bhutanese Blood Drive’ was successfully ended which run for more than four hours starting from 10 am. The blood drive was organized in the honor of the earthquake victims in Nepal, by the Bhutanese Legacy Youth Club (BLYC) with the help of American Red Cross in ‘Zone Hall’ of the Altamesa Church of Christ.
About four dozens of volunteer blood donors have participated in the blood drive coordinated by A. K. Rana Sampang – the Vice President of the BLYC and Yadhu Khatri – the Program Coordinator of the club. The blood drive of May 23 was managed by Debbie A. Grover – contact person from American Red Cross and Santa Lama – the President of the club. From the total participants about twenty-five donors successfully donated their life-saving blood to the American Red Cross.
While conducting blood donation the Bhutanese Blood Drive was successful to conduct short ‘Prayer for Nepal’ in the lead of Pastor Tanka B. Darjee from Immanuel Bhutanese Church. It was great moment of honor; many respected persons were present and they donated their valuable gift, the live blood during the drive. The blood drive was honored with the presence and blood donations from Rebecca Martinez ‘Vicke’ – ministry from Altamesa Church of Christ, Patricia Shah from Nepalese community who is organizing ‘Walkathon for Nepal Rise & Shine’, Pastor Rajan Biswa from International Restoration Church, Rajan Biswa and Madan Sinchuri (President and Vice President respectively) from Universal Manav Dharam Texas, Pem D. Lama from Catholic Charities of Fort Worth, Neema Tamang from KLama Enterprise – a Trucking Company, Bhutanese Nepali Singer Tek Dudhraj, Netra Acharya from GBLO Texas, Gopal Biswa from Eternal Life Church, Nim D. Tamang from Hamro Star Entertainment, and Andy Vanlazremtlvanga from Texas Mizo Christian Church. There were other many blood donors from schools, community colleges, and the Bhutanese community in Fort Worth Texas.

Bhutanese Blood Drive

Bhutanese Blood Drive

The facility for the Bhutanese Blood Drive was provided in and/or by the Altamesa Church of Christ with the referral of church ministries Mr. Clint Browning and Dean Low. This was the first Bhutanese Blood Drive organized by Bhutanese community youths resettled in the United States. The president of the BLYC, Santa lama said, “It was our big dream thought since a long time which we couldn’t conduct in past, but today we succeed our dream of helping nation by donating blood”. According to him the blood drive was in respect and remembrance of victims of earthquake in Nepal to honor them with their humanity and make the people aware of such massive disasters.


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